The Krakening

Crystal Sword Side quest

13th of Veltom

Kevan wakes up next to a gal that he tried to pick pocket yesterday.

The rest of the party wakes up to the elves singing up the sun. We head down to the tavern to grab flat cakes and exotic fruits. We talk to a bar maid, find out there are zoak races within Throal proper.

Blort sends a messenger to Kevan to tell him to meet up with us. Kevan finishes up with his lady friend and heads to meet us at the orc hurlg brewery.

We meet Ba'm-Roth, the head brewmaster to arrange for purchase of a cask. We end up with a venison brew, palatable to a windling, but hardy enough to last all day. We make an arrangement with the brewer to send some kegs on a cart with us. It's a great idea, the people love it. We wander through the streets, the citizens of Bartertown flock to our cart for the hurlg and fine singing of Kevan.

A merchant adept dwarf approaches us named Canid, he wants to roll with us and get involved with our business. We head into Throal, to the zoak races. We challenge Canid to make us some money on the races. He talks to a few people, exchanges some money, and gives us a slip of paper that says "Renotti". We bet on him and end up winning 100 silver. We kick back 20 silver to Canid, and let him hang out with us some more.

Luckily they have an amateur round so Chandos jumps on a zoak and enters the contest. He wins even though hes pretty toasted.

Anyway we head to the hall of Upandal where the ghost's daughter lives or whatever. We are going to case the joint. Hakim and Kevan go in to grab the loot, Blort, Kromak, and Chandos stay outside. Kevan finds the treasure and some documents. We see a dwarven couple coming down the street. Chandos acts wasted and distracts them, and crashes into Kromak. We fake fight for a while to distract the couple while Hakim and Kevan make their exit. 

​​​We go and read the documents which verify the ghost's story, he was a builder of Throal and his family is legit. We deliver the gold and documents to the daughter of the ghost. She is married to another builder family who is famous for their family's weapon and armor crafting. They are so thankful for delivering the dowry that they give hakim a bad ass crystal sword.

Kevan 50 LP to Floronus
500 LPs for grandpa ghost side quest
25 devotion points for Astandar

​​​​​​​25 points to Garlin

500 LPs for zoak races





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