The Krakening

Our First Misstep

We fight some bears, Kevan slays their young. Icewing's hunger is satiated.

We meet Donahue, a dwarven liar and eight circle elementalist. He tricks us into telling him about our past and how Icewing granted us powers. He then gave us a mystery box to deliver to Icewing. We debate opening the box but decide not to mess.

We survive an avalanche, then headed back to the Icewing's lair. Icewing chides us for giving away too much info. If we ever see him again we should kill him. He opens the box and finds that it is a chess piece, which is from another dragon. The game is afoot.

Their are bandits attacking trade caravans, which mess with Icewing's biz.  Attacks are happening due west from Bartertown, from the Servos jungle. Going to rest and resupply at Icewing's cave.


bob_huguelet christopherjosephbrown

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