Icewing is one of the two oldest and most powerful Great Dragons in Barsaive. Along with his brother Mountainshadow, the two of them have their influence spread throughout Barsaive and beyond. Icewing is known among the dragons as Dollmaker, due to his interest in creating and shaping Name-giver kingdoms. Icewing is the unofficial patron of the Kingdom of Throal, having granted favors and gifts to the Dwarves for many centuries. He is also among the most approachable of the Great Dragons of Barsaive, granting audiences to polite Name-givers who bring a valuable gift as tribute and do not waste his time.

The Passion’s Champions first met Icewing when they rescued his Drake Lathann from worshipers of the Horror Verjigorm. Lathann led them back to Icewing’s lair in the Throal Mountains after his rescue, and Icewing immediately noted the potential of the group. He granted them powerful gifts in exchange for rescuing Lathann and defeating the cultists, who were enemies of dragons everywhere.

Despite his tremendous power and influence (or perhaps because of it), Icewing has remained mostly in the background of the story. However, he has been present or involved in several important events, including the capture of the Passion’s Champions by the Iopans, the death of Denairastas, and the fall of the Blood Wood. He remains an enigmatic presence in Barsaivian affairs.

Icewing is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA Games.


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