weapon (melee)

Nellulth, Crystal Broadsword
SD: 17
Threads: 2

Nellulth is a crystal broadsword that was forged as part of the union between the families of Nellelm and Julth. House Nellelm is one of the wealthier merchant families in Throal, having been taught by the trolls of the Twilight Peaks how to perform crystal working. House Julth is a house of builders descended from some of the original builders of Throal. The crystal of the sword has a bluish green hue to it, has been sharpened to a razor edge and magically enhanced to decrease its weight and to give the crystal some flexibility, so that it does not shatter upon impact. The hilt is wrapped thick in fine leather to ease the force of impact from striking. The pommel is a medallion forged in gold, with the crests of the two families forged in either side. The sword is not that old, only about seven years at this point, and does not have a significant legend behind it yet. Without a thread woven to it, the sword has the same stats as a normal broadsword.

Rank 1
300 LP
Key Knowledge: Name of the sword
Effect: The sword now grants a +1 bonus on damage

Rank 2
500 LP
Effect: The sword now grants an additional +1 bonus on damage

Rank 3
800 LP
Key Knowledge: Name of the smiths from the two families that forged the sword together
Effect: The magical effects of making the sword lighter strengthen, granting a +1 bonus to accuracy. In addition, the sword can now be activated as a light quartz crystal by tapping the pommel twice to activate and three times to deactivate. The sword puts out as much light as a light quartz lantern. This has no effect on combat.



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