The Krakening

Our First Misstep

We fight some bears, Kevan slays their young. Icewing's hunger is satiated.

We meet Donahue, a dwarven liar and eight circle elementalist. He tricks us into telling him about our past and how Icewing granted us powers. He then gave us a mystery box to deliver to Icewing. We debate opening the box but decide not to mess.

We survive an avalanche, then headed back to the Icewing's lair. Icewing chides us for giving away too much info. If we ever see him again we should kill him. He opens the box and finds that it is a chess piece, which is from another dragon. The game is afoot.

Their are bandits attacking trade caravans, which mess with Icewing's biz.  Attacks are happening due west from Bartertown, from the Servos jungle. Going to rest and resupply at Icewing's cave.

Icewing's Adepts
The real journey begins

Icewing has gathered all of us at his lair. We are all still feeling his constant fear effect, and speaking through our minds he asks us if we are willing to accept his offer:

He will imbue our bodies with magic, forcibly creating magical adepts and using his draconian abilities to bypass our lack of preparation. The intention is to test our new magical abilities with a test of worthiness. If we are successful, then we will compete against the champions of the other dragons in a grand tournament. The winners will be chosen to be preserved magically by the council of dragons to enter the next age.

We accepted.

Icewing's Adventure
On becoming adepts

Icewing bellows his offer: Each of the great dragons is preparing for the next cycle and choosing their own champions to be reincarnated after the Horrors ravage the world. The Great Dragons' power combined will preserve the champions' bodies for the next age.

Icewing takes each of us one by one and imbues us with the knowledge of the first circle of adepts:

  • Kromak Darkthread: Liberator
  • Blor Bluetoof: Nethermancer
  • Chanos: Archer
  • Kevan Writ: Troubador
  • Ospius: Wizard
  • Hakam: Horror Stalker

Icewing takes each of us individually and performs the ritual, forcing the first level of magic into our bodies by sheer magical force alone. He performs this ritual six times, and we spend the next two days recovering. Icewing himself is also recovering and requires additional sustenance to regain his health.

His underlings have provided us with basic armor and equipment, and send us on our way to gather meat from the local wildlife. We were instructed to insert a magical orb into the mouths of the defeated animals, and Icewing's underlings would be be able to detect them to gather it.

After failing to track down some ice flyers monkeys, we caught the scent of a few ice badgers. We approached the den carefully, setting up a trap outside to catch them as we flush them out. Kevan snuck inside to scare them out, while Blort cast ethereal darkness on the entrance of the cave to shroud his entrance. Just before we launched an attack, the mother and father attacked from behind. Kevan successfully sneaks into the cave only to see a pack of helpless cubs.

We fight off the mother and father, knocking them both unconscious (but not before taking some minor damage. After they are knocked out, Chandos eagerly kills them in cold blood. Blort grabs one of the cubs, calms it, and stuffs it into a satchel around his waist. He intends to tame him.

The Players Gather

A Great Tournament has been arranged, with contestants from all over Barsaive  competing in trials of strength, combat, wits, artistry, craftery and skullduggery. Being 6 of the biggest bad asses this side of the Aras Sea, we of course won pretty much all of the contests we partook in. Towards the end of the day we were informed that there was one more trial, to come the next day. All of the participants will be arranged into teams, and sent in a race up the mountain. Fortunately, the tournament officials put us on the same team. We meet, shake hands, shoot the breeze a bit, then head down to the local trading post to outfit ourselves the for the coming climb.

Later we head to the the after-party, seemingly hosted by the local nobility. After enjoying a few pints, we try to question one of the family's man servants, but were unable to glean any useful information directly. However, there was definitely something fishy going on with this tournament. 

Next day we set out early from the starting gate. After overcoming numerous obstacles we reached the cabin.  Upon approaching the cabin, we saw Sahil, a sexy elven mistress approaching us. She announced we had won the contest, and before we knew it the world was falling out from under our feet – so this is what an astral shift feels like – and just like that we were launched into the journey to the next level of friendship and imagination. 


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