The Krakening

Back in the Saddle

Heading from Icewing's Lair to Bartertown

We ask Saheel to drop some knowledge on us about the Servos Jungle. She leads us into a massive library with some super old.

Shows us an adventure log from Rydellisi Lutom, 7th circle sword master, travelled to Servos Jungle 50 years ago. Pretty accurate. He was trying to find a lost kaer, died somewhere along the way. Could retrace his steps to see if the bandits are there.

Bluetoof picks up a gigantic tome on nethermancery. Ospius picks up a book written by a T'skrang called Z'undos of house Ishtarat. He was a potion crafter, has a lot of notes on potions to make from flora and fauna of the Servos. 

Bluetoof also meditates for 30 minutes and decides to name his Ice Badger "Lord Brocktree".

The next day we wake up early, Saheel is going to shift us to Bartertown.  

Cut to Ago-al in Bartertown. He meets Gamugh. He reveals that Ago-al's brothers may be "dreamlost" since their dreaming was interrupted by meddling humans, who were trying to steal knowledge from their liferock. All obsidimen share in the dreaming and knowledge. The liferock is a gateway physically and spiritual between this world and the dreaming. When dreamlost, your body and consciousness are lost in the dreaming. Ago-al and Gamugh reach out, touch hands, and try to connect. Ago-al can feel Gamugh reaching out, but finds that there is a chasm. Gamugh realizes this, and says Ago-al needs to practice connecting with other obsidimen to overcome the block. 

Kromak, Ospius, and Chandos decide to go to the bar of adventurers to check job posting board. We find 3 postings, 1 from Overland, a local trading company called Ridge Co, and a Throalic company called Mountain Networks. 

We go to the First Discovery Bar and talk to the owner who confirms there have been some attacks, he points us to a T'skrang bar, the Overrated Water, where we can learn more.

Meanwhile Kevan, Bluetoof and Hakim head to the Bull and Pearl, to meet Madam Maricella. Bluetoof finds a nice troll woman, or two. 

At the Overrated Water, we meet Tedred, a beat up dwarf. He got beat up by the bandits. We learn some more about them from him. They had a nethermancer – used darkness spell. Tedred's party had 2 adepts, 6 non-adepts, 3 wagons, don't know what the cargo was. The bandits tend not to kill people. This was an overland deal, arranged by Lonos, Tedred's partner. Lonos is upstairs recovering. He is a nethermancer, they were transporting stuff for Gamugh.

We then talked to the T'skrang bartender, Overland is good for all cities, Ridge Co is a little less scrupulous, Mtn Networks deeper in Throal, they also handle shipments to the inner cities of Throal.

We all head to Overland to take a contract as mercs protecting the shipment. We meet up with Ago-al because he had just met with Gamugh. Gamugh tells us he wants to airlift us to another town, where we will join a caravan as mercenaries and accompany them back to Bartertown. The goal is to find the location of the bandits and defeat them. Can't let anyone on the caravan know we are working for Gamugh or Icewing.

Bluetoof heads to a beast market to look for food for his ice badger. A little girl approaches him looking for help getting back her cat that a greasy dwarf stole. Sounds like a side-quest. Blort messes up the dwarf's stall and frees the kitten. The little girl leads him to an elderly Ork lady Tydeda, Beastmaster of the 9th Circle. She gives him some more info about his Ice Badger.

Kevan finds out some more info about the bandits, sounds like a lot of goods are going through Kratas. They sell all luxury goods, but keep all magical items. Looks like they are building up there army.


300 for session

100 blort and chandos for asking about books

100 hakim – ask about skills

200 Aol-ag – gamugh interaction

100 LPs basic interactions

200 – blort for beastmarket

10 quester points to Blort, for Lochost (freedom passion)


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