The Krakening

Floronus Pregame

Getting ready to ship out in B-town

11th of Veltom

We head to the Cosmopolitan Inn, a lively establishment, with music and a busy atmosphere. 

We get 4 rooms, 5 silvers/day/room includes dinner and breakfast. Kevan is able to get a 10% discount through his prodigious haggling ability.

We decide to go by the name "Bartertown 5", that is until we defeat the bandits and reveal ourselves as the Chosen of Icewing. 

Chandos starts to talk to a few windlings in the bar Temayr and his sister Ecata. They traveled in safely for the feast. Etaca likes to dance…

Kromak strikes up with a group of day laborers from Mountain Network. Kild and Pits are orcs, also a few humans and dwarves. Mountain Networks has a branch office in Bartertown we can speak to Creslor about getting a contract with them.

They also mention a Swordmaster Tournament. It is run by ​​​​​​Saesak, head of a tailor house. We can find him go out left gate, look for big green house

12th of Veltom

We wake up, get some breakfast consisting of an unidentified meat source, then we head to the Overrated Water. We find Tedred, he looks a little better. He brings us to Lonos, who can tell us about the bandits. He says to not bring anything of significant magical powers. They were hired out as guards of a particular piece of magical significance, its a weapon specifically for fighting horrors. That is what brought on the additional aggression, specifically their nethermancer. He also tells us their is a trail and a bridge at the northern tip of the servos river. They got hit right after they crossed the bridge. Mounted attackers came over the bridge, and bowmen from the trees shot down most of his party. He was hit with a Bone Dance. The weird thing is they did not actually kill anyone.

​​​​​​​He was able to tell us that the bandit had some sort of ruin on the forearm. 

Large black chest with brass lock, magically sealed, maybe they did not get it open yet. 

Lonos is 7th Circle, can use Dispel Magic to counter Ethereal Darkness, as well as magic items. Large orc with a broken knocked him out with a club.

Blort talks to Lonos, picks up some new spells.

After that we meditate hardcore and rank up discipline talents.


300 – all for session

100 – all for strategy

100 – Kromak for speaking with Mountain Networks

75 – Chandos discussion with windlings

10 Questor point to Astendar – Kevan for salvaging pickpocket attempt and turning it into a lovely evening.



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